who we are

Hello and welcome to Grid Creative. My name is Jess Taylor, and I am the founder and graphic designer here at Grid Creative.

Starting a business is expensive. The risk of a new business venture can see entrepreneurs cutting costs. Unfortunately, that often means the branding and website take a hit. Ever the 'kiwi attitude', we tend to take the 'do it yourself' approach. What we sometimes don't realise, is that if we're going to put our money somewhere, our branding and website is where we need to invest. A professional designer will not only help you to produce targeted branding which will attract the right customer, but it will also help increase sales, build trust to ensure repeat customers AND provide an easy way that they can tell their friends all about your fantastic product or service.

My goal is to provide a service to entrepreneurs where you can get quality branding and marketing to get started. Tell me what your budget is, and together we plan how to get the most from your money. That's not to say I don't work with established businesses of course. If you need something to work in with your current brand or want to look at re-branding, I'm here to help.

So, drop me a line or flick me an email. It's simple, follow the link below. Chat soon!


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